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Please contact me directly by email or by phone, 1 (780) 566 0206 



You can contact me by phone or e-mail. We can discuss the media, mood, setting etc of the work. Once an agreement is made, you pay
10 percent of the total cost of the commission. This deposit is for material costs. The remainder will be paid to me once the work is complete and you are satisfied.


We will meet at least once for a photo session. These photos are used as a reference for the painting. The location for the photo session will also depend on whether or not the portrait will depict a specific background.





The price will vary depending on the size and complexity of the work.A single sitter portrait will generally range between $1700 (18"x24", head and shoulders) and $3500+(36"x48", life size, full, or 3/4 body). A double portrait will cost an additional $1000 and a group portrait (3 to 6 people) $2000.These are general guidelines; please contact me regarding particular details of a specific commission. I really look forward to hearing from you!

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